Apostolic Ministry Training Center: Training in the GSN

Curriculum - Term 4

AMTC Training Material - Mar 3-11, 2017


Evangelism II

In his book, “Growing a Church”, David Bernard details “principles of church growth at work in many settings and cultures [and] also … methods of operation that were counterproductive”

Leadership II

Jack Yonts’ book “Passing the Mantle II” explores church history, building relationships, ethics and preaching

Apostolic Worship

Gary Erickson’s book, “Pentecostal Worship”, a book on worship for the worship leader, worshiper, non-worshiper, musician, and pastor addresses the subject from a classic Pentecostal background.

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OUR PURPOSE -- “To actively provide knowledge of the word of God, assist in the development of necessary ministerial skills and to enhance the ability of our students to fulfill God’s calling on their lives. Major focus will be placed upon doctrinal teaching, practical application of ministry and prayer.” We desire that the students and graduates of the Apostolic Ministry Training Center possess a love of the truth that will be exemplified by a commitment to believing, teaching and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ as exampled by the Apostles, a commitment to living righteously in this present world, and a commitment to world evangelism.

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  • Spanish


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Where we will be holding classes this term
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French and Spanish
We will have classes on the north end of Geneva in two different languages, following parallel curriculum
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English and German
Classes will be held at the Church of Acts, Simmeringer Hauptstrasse 2, 1110 Vienna
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Spanish and French
In the past only a Spanish site, we will likely expand this to French and English also, as long as the student requests support it.
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German and English
Being a virtual site for the last couple of years, we will have a full-fledged site in Furth, Germany this year, at the Pfingstgemeinde Fürth, Kaiserstrasse 173, 90763 Fürth
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German and Spanish
Bern was a spanish site two years ago, and is this year now supporting the Spanish church in Bern as well as the German churches in Interlaken and Zurich. The meeting point will be in Bümpliz-Bern.

AMTC - Feb 26-Mar 5, 2016

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Kaiserstrasse 173, 90763 Fürth, Germany